Yet Another Bridgeport Option

For the next three months, the e-download version of One Night in Bridgeport will be available exclusively via KDP Select.  This is the Kindle e-publishing platform.  Going exclusive on KDP Select means a couple of things.  First, I have five days in which I can offer it free.  The first day of free is tomorrow.  Second, people who are Amazon Prime members can “borrow” the book through the Kindle Lending Library.  You don’t pay anything when you borrow a book via KLL, but you can only borrow one book at a time.  And, although, you don’t pay for the book, Amazon sets aside a pot of money that is divvied up among authors based on how many times their book is borrowed each month.  The amount paid per borrowing is comparable to the royalty I would receive if the reader purchased the book.

So, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, borrow away!!!

About kingmidget

About the name. I was the youngest of four. Until I got to kindergarten, I didn't have much to say. All I had to do to get what I wanted was to point, and a sibling, or loving parent, would fulfill my request. As a result, my father coined the nickname -- King Midget. At least that's the way the story goes. I am a father, husband, friend, and lover, writer, runner, pizza maker, baker, and many other things. What I am not is my occupation. It is my job that pays the bills and provides for my family. But, it does not define me.
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