Was It a Dream?

I wrote about an opening line that came to me a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been making slow progress on it, with about 600 words written.  There’s an issue that’s been holding me back — specifically how do I introduce the idea that the female character references Chicago in a way that suggests that as a “name” for her.

The solution, and much more, came to me somewhere in the last eight hours — those are my sleeping hours.  And I have no idea whether it was a dream, or an actual thought I had in a fuzzy moment of consciousness.  All I know is that I need to go write it down now.  It’s a scrap of dialog that may just get me over that hump and lead to a few more things.

About kingmidget

About the name. I was the youngest of four. Until I got to kindergarten, I didn't have much to say. All I had to do to get what I wanted was to point, and a sibling, or loving parent, would fulfill my request. As a result, my father coined the nickname -- King Midget. At least that's the way the story goes. I am a father, husband, friend, and lover, writer, runner, pizza maker, baker, and many other things. What I am not is my occupation. It is my job that pays the bills and provides for my family. But, it does not define me.
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2 Responses to Was It a Dream?

  1. Yep. It often works that way…

  2. uehobbyist says:

    I know that feeling. I was up at 4:30 this morning with the same kind of fuzzy thoughts. Thinking about some pieces I am working on. Right now, its a little after 5. I’m outside in a chiai in the yard under the moon with a cup of coffee. Knawing on the phrasing and sneaking into WP to distract myself. LOL. congrats on figuring it out.

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