The Marfa Lights

He’s fourteen years old when his dad dies. Wheelchair bound and almost helpless as a result of cerebral palsy, he’s led a sheltered life, isolated from his peers and family, and essentially dependent on his father. The Marfa Lights tells the story of his discovery, following his father’s death, of the many lies his father told him. He learns the truth in bits and pieces and begins to experience the world after years of being trapped in his home.

The Marfa Lights leads off this set of sixteen short stories. The other stories include Untitled, an end of the world love story told in rhyme, The Smokers’ Club, a life spanning story of brotherhood, life, death, and discovery, and Apartment Shopping, a piece of flash fiction about a couple that has a bit of a communication problem.
The stories in this volume are mostly small slices of life.


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