Shady Acres

Mike Robertson’s turning 100 and, in the comfort of Shady Acres, he decides it’s time to roll back the effects of aging. No more dentures, no more walker, and maybe a little flirting with McKenzie, the nurse who has helped him for years. Thus begins Shady Acres, a series of connected short stories in which Mike is the thread weaving through the tales of the residents, workers and family who spend their time at Shady Acres. It’s a heartwarming and heartwrenching look at the lives and deaths of a group of residents of a convalescent home.

Ten more stories fill out this collection, including Who Is Maureen Nesbitt?, a humorous look at where technology is headed; A Warm Body, an end of the world tale; and Getting Through the Night, a story that plumbs the depths of fatherly love and despair.


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