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About kingmidget

About the name. I was the youngest of four. Until I got to kindergarten, I didn't have much to say. All I had to do to get what I wanted was to point, and a sibling, or loving parent, would fulfill my request. As a result, my father coined the nickname -- King Midget. At least that's the way the story goes. I am a father, husband, friend, and lover, writer, runner, pizza maker, baker, and many other things. What I am not is my occupation. It is my job that pays the bills and provides for my family. But, it does not define me.

Nobody Important

Over at my blog, I posted awhile back about how writing prompts can help a struggling writer. In that post I highlighted Eat. Create. Repeat. – Kira’s blog where she posts regular prompts that run the gamut from poetry prompts … Continue reading

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Utopia Pending

A few months ago, I was invited to contribute a short story to a collection that would revolve around the theme of utopia … as an antidote to the dystopian literature that seems so prevalent these days. I actually came … Continue reading

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To Osaka

To Osaka blows Wind waving the pampas grass Good-bye love, life fades To Osaka blows Swirling, shivering wind, snow Drying with summer Wind waving the pampas grass Two lovers lay, sun shines down Moments, hours, days Good-bye love, life fades … Continue reading

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One Heart

Two hearts forming one Friendship, Love, Humanity Embrace each other Differences divide us One heart is it, all we have

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A few years ago I decided to try writing a story entirely in dialogue. I can’t say I got entirely there, but it’s close. I added another wrinkle to the experiment. Every few hundred words, I picked a word from … Continue reading

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The Jump, Chapter 4 — Walking Through

I made a decision today. Awhile back I had thought I would take this story into hibernation with the idea I’d finish it and go from there. But writing it continues to be like pulling teeth with a rusty pair … Continue reading

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The world’s most dangerous animal ….

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